Erase the Symptoms of Anxiety, Trauma, Stress and PTSD

Nov 12, 2018

Recognising the effect of Anxiety, Trauma, Stress and PTSD

Mental health is so much more important than some of us believe it to be. Any kind of mental issue is dangerous and can lead to serious repercussions.  Such issues may seriously impact the rest of one’s life.   At worst as a result of mental imbalance the feelings are so strong one can end up taking their own life.    For those left behind their mental torture then starts.  Not knowing how low that someone felt be that a loved one or friend and not noticing the signs of their growing anxiety and depression.

Only yesterday I was talking to some young people I taught in a school some years ago.  I was shocked to hear that a former pupil took her own life.  The sadness of the friends was evident.  The disbelief that despite the camaraderie that goes on long after leaving school, no one realised how bad things were.  The stressor here it would seem was social media.

Mental disabilities like stress, anxiety, tension, trauma and PTSD are all significantly prevalent in every age group.  Whether a  ten year old child or an adult who just crossed seventy.  The impact of social media and the use of technology can affect anyone of any age.  Whether they are being bullied, harassed, stalked, propositioned, or provoked in any way it does not take long for a happy go lucky person to start spiralling down.

While some can deal with such problems successfully with time, others find it much more difficult.  They can without support end up feeling suffocated and even suicidal.  Therefore, knowing about how to remove such negativity from your life becomes even more essential.

How can you help yourself or others?

Here are a few tried and tested ways that will help you successfully ward off the adverse impact of anxiety, tension, PTSD, and trauma.:

  • Accept that you have a problem and that getting professional help is the right thing to do.  It is not something which you do not have to be ashamed of.
  • Realize that removing anxiety, tension and PTSD does not have an immediate solution and that your mental healing will take some time.
  • Take your loved ones into confidence. Hiding what you are going through will do you more harm than good. Explaining the symptoms will help them understand your situation better and make the support process relatively easy.
  • Plan out a proper sleeping and diet schedule. Eating healthy and exercising regularly will help you interact with the world and keep you from becoming isolated – something that is harmful for someone in a bad state of mind.
  • Get professional assistance. Going for therapy is  a helpful step you can take to erase the symptoms of mental issues like tension, anxiety, PTSD and trauma. A therapist will be able to guide you better without being judgemental and will be your rational voice through hard times.

Don’t ignore what is going on.

Mental health imbalances need to be taken care of immediately. Instead of slacking letting issues like PTSD, anxiety, tension and trauma get the better of you.  Try to meet the problems head on and you will find it easier to deal with them.

There are of course many barriers for young people when coping with the overwhelm of anxiety.   This may include their discomfort of talking to adults or others about their thoughts or feelings.  It depends on the problem they may feel ashamed or guilty.   They may be desperate to speak to someone, but the professional support is not available.  They may not want to go on medication.

So, what is left?  Self-medication by turning to maybe drugs or alcohol or just continue to spiral down to such a low ebb life seems it is not worth living.  Those feelings and emotions build and build as the mind and body are connected.  When we are in a dark place the emotions take over, the mind chatter doesn’t stop, and it is a merry go round as the mid is stimulating and impacting the physical body.  Tension build and it goes deep, deep into the psoas.  The more tension we build the more our body starts to malfunction.  Our systems are impacted, we find ourselves low in energy and not able to fully function in our daily lives.  One thing leads to another.  We end up relying on health-care.

From health-care to self-care!

How about self-care?  There is a simple yet powerfully effective way to ease your physical, mental and emotional pain.  The Total Release Experience® (TRE), gets you back in touch with nature’s gift to us all as you soon discover how to heal yourself and build resilience.  For in this crazy, busy world if we do not look after yourself who is going to?  A technique that is accessible by young and old alike. 

This technique becomes a life tool and a tool for life as we find balance again physically, mentally and emotionally living life to the full.  Workshops, Skype or private sessions there is always a way to access our expert tuition.  We give the relevant resources and the ongoing support as required to ensure you find confidence and feel competent as you take back control of your well-being.  Don’t let you or your loved ones sink so low it seems there is no way out – trust now that there is.