Turn Your Life Around.

Aug 29, 2018

A solution for the well being of mental health of Young People

Does it happen for you?

Do you ever turn the radio on and there is something you tune into that seems to be so well timed that it makes your ears prick up?  Or open the page of a paper or magazine and you find yourself reading something that is just what you need to read?  I do.  It seems to be happening more and more.  It is all about timing.

Today driving home from teaching I was listening to Jeremy Vine on Radio 2.  The subject was focussed on 14 year old girls and the growing number who self-harm.  One fifth of them in fact, frightening numbers.  I listened to the discussions, comments and conclusions from parents, counsellors and young people themselves.  Couple this with a host of other problems around the wellbeing (or not) of young people.  Issues such as anxiety, depression, and eating disorders, even sadly suicide.  In Kent alone, there are 14,000 young people that suffer depression and anxiety.

What are the causes?

Nothing surprised me around discussion on self-harm.  Something has inevitably created pressure for the young person -boys and girls.  Although stats highlight there are more girls than boys that self-harm.  Bullying, sexuality issues, abuse, exam pressure, divorced parents and of course the modern danger of social media are just some of the key problems young people may have to deal with.

Who else is affected?

Not just the young themselves, but their families, siblings and friends even teachers.  Parents especially get worried sick as no parent wants their child to suffer.  So, their health and wellbeing start to be compromised too.  It all has a knock-on effect.  The ultimate cost becomes greater as physical mental and emotional wellbeing spirals downwards to different levels for all who seek to support their suffering loved ones.  What is worrying is that with the problems now where does that leave these young people who suffer as they move into their adult life?

How the body deals with the problems.

Imagine your body as a bucket.  All the life pressures, traumas and stressful situations that occur, simply fill your bucket.  The overload causes the problems, such as headaches, IBS, nervousness, lack of sleep, depression, anxiety, mood swings, anger and so on.  Young people in Offenders institutions have their buckets filled at an early age.


We hear a lot about the problems – but clearly there are no lasting solutions.   Not many for sure.  Because if there were we would not have the endemic issues we have around the entire country.  Would we?

The chemicals from fight and flight create blocked energy in the body.  The bucket gets full so how do you empty it?  You can’t so you develop strategies that can.

Current Strategies for mental well being?

MIND do a wonderful job – but two things, talking does not get it out of the body.  In many cases it helps, but my experience of working with young people – even adults, not all open up to the idea of talking.  They do not find it easy to open up.  Counsellors are also in short supply that is why parents are constantly on the phone to CAHMs desperate to find a solution to help their child.  But the wait list is determined again by resources in short supply.

There is always medication of course.  Another problem occurs when young people get put on to anti-depressants at an early age.  Sticking plaster – not getting to the root of the problem.

There is always self-medication – smoking, drinking, technology, eating (or not), violent behaviour, self-harming so on and so forth.  Anything to mask the problem and bring about distraction or moments of feeling good.

Before we know it addictions are creating another problem.

You can empty your bucket!

Yes indeed.  Might come as a surprise but we are all wired up to release the deep held tensions that are causing all the problems.  Children and young people heal very quickly too!

How come millions don’t know about this?  Because although this is something innate in every human being it has become suppressed in us all.  We are animals – and just like animals we have a survival technique that is simple and effective.  Those youngsters who have discovered it get just as blown away by the simplicity and yet powerful outcomes as adults do.

At TRE UK® we teach a simple 5 Step programme that puts people in touch with what nature gave them.  A self-help, no talking physical practice that once learned becomes a life tool and a tool for life. Cost effective indeed.

We have worked with individuals, families and groups, in school and privately.  Parents who have learned, are inspired to share with their young children, it becomes a real leadership tool.  Everyone benefits by getting their body, mind and life back into balance.   Healing from the past and building resilience for the future.

What do young people have to say?

Before doing the TRE, I found that a lot of things got to me. Exams, work, and all manner of stressful situations would have me freaking out and having panic attacks which would often stop me sleeping, which would in turn make matters worse. I’d tried a lot of different ways of trying to control it but couldn’t.

I heard about the TRE from a concerned family member and at first, I was a little unsure and a little sceptical. But I had nothing to lose and went ahead with my first session. I had positive results from week one.

I feel totally different and I’m a lot better than I used to be with stress, anxiety and general negativity. I haven’t freaked out about anything in ages and it’s the best feeling in the world to be able to just get on with my life and not have to deal with all the things I’ve suffered with for a long, long time – especially with my GCSEs rapidly approaching and having to make choices about sixth form.’  Matthew

 ‘As a 17 year old student, stress of work and study would often get the best of me and I would suffer from insomnia. I started TRE not really knowing what it was, but decided that I had nothing to lose by trying it out as nothing else was working for me. I was very pleasantly surprised to notice drastic changes in my sleeping pattern shorty after beginning the sessions. I was able to sleep much more, therefore making me less tired during the day and so making me feel more energised overall.

I was better able to cope with my workload and exam pressures. I know that some people may be sceptical or may not want to try something they don’t know, especially at my age, however I would highly recommend TRE because the results could truly improve your daily life as they did mine’.


 ‘For the first time I had the confidence to stay out with friends on a sleep over.  But more than that I have come out.  I feel really happy for the first time in a long time’ Cassie 15 years old.

 Comments from young people following Workshops.

‘It was pretty weird. I entered a state of calmness and almost fell asleep but was at peace with myself. Then almost felt emotional as past events and the build up from that became clear. It was a relief to let them go.’

‘I feel as if a large amount of weight has been lifted at first I was a bit scared. However, I have found it an enjoyable experience.’

‘It was different but a good different. I felt tremors in place that I didn’t realise that were there. I felt fresh when I did it and new. I also felt like I was the only one in the room and I found my own place. I felt emotional but good because it was saying be confident and go out there and be you.’

‘This experience has given me a key to start something new in my life. After building up an emotional wall I have finally found something that will help me knock it down. The hardest problem I face is feeling empty or disconnected to myself and this has helped me to release my pains.’

‘After today’s session, I feel much stronger mentally and emotionally. It’s something new I’ve never done before and I don’t regret this new experience.’

‘I found this experience unreal, you can’t really explain the experience of TRE and its effect on you until you do it yourself.’

‘It was a totally new experience. Nothing like I expected it to be. Its helped me a lot and I can see it continuously helping me more in the future.’

‘After today’s experience, I felt like a massive weight had lifted off my shoulders.’

‘It was strange, but In feel like what I’ve learned feel today will help me now and in the future.’

What next?

Well we all have to open our eyes and look to self-care when there is no health care.  At TRE UK® we offer different options to support families, schools and Universities.  We can turn our downward spiral around and change – but of course we have to be open and willing to do something for ourselves.  To open our eyes to something that can change your lives like it has for many others.  What’s to lose?  For what’s the alternative – I think you may have worked it out already!