Relationship between Adverse Childhood Experiences and Adult Well-Being

Feb 16, 2018

Relationship between Adverse Childhood Experiences and Adult Well-Being

Adverse Childhood Experiences are those traumatic events that lead to negative and long-lasting effects on the health and well-being of an individual. They can be anything ranging from sexual abuse, losing a close loved one due to a traumatic incident to the divorce of your parents. Such experiences not only increase the odds of struggle but have an adverse effect on the health and behaviour of individuals when they grow up.

There are many short and long-term impacts of cumulative childhood trauma with most commonly reported cases relating to substance abuse and household physical abuse. According to studies, some adults have experienced at least one instance of household dysfunction or childhood abuse before the age of 18.

You can not underestimate the importance of a child’s relationship with the caregiver. It’s through these relationships that children learn to trust one another, interact with one another and regulate their emotions. When these relationships become unstable, it gives them the feeling that they cannot rely on anyone else for help. They start to see the world through a different lens and have a more pessimistic approach towards the things in life as they believe nothing good ever lasts.

Most of the abused or neglected children have trouble building strong healthy relationships with others. They are more vulnerable to stress and may react inappropriately or violently to normal situations. Children who have a history of complex trauma may also face issues with their romantic relationships, authority figures, and friends.

Childhood experiences greatly affect who we become as adults and if not dealt with carefully in the beginning, can lead to serious mental health issues.

There is a strong relationship between adult well-being and childhood trauma. In such cases, mental health strategies should be incorporated to prevent the impacts at the early stages of life such as counselling.

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