Addictions & stress are a serious problem.

 Many people come to us for TRE in the UK and from abroad via Skype as they seek help and support,  desperately looking for release from symptoms of stress and anxiety.  What is coming through is how addictions become another problem when seeking a coping mechanism to deal with the physical mental and emotional symptoms of stress and anxiety.  Alcohol and smoking are the most common.  Other coping strategies can include drugs, food, exercise, gambling and spending money.  All these addictions only bring short term comfort but also start to impact the mind and body as the anxiety levels increase further worrying about the effects of the addiction.  When addictions take a hold they impact not just on the individual but also their loved ones, friends and those around in the workplace or community. Addictions become a serious problem.

TRE can help to release the need for addictions.  Clients have shared how TRE has helped them with their addictions

I just wanted to let you know today for me is one year without gambling.  I finally made it!  I’ve just got 12 weeks to go and I will be debt free too.  I guess what I’ve learnt over the past year is how important it is for me to feel safe and that includes financial safety as well and physical and emotional safety.  It is hard to comprehend that a year ago I would have been sitting in front of this laptop destroying and throwing away every last penny I’d worked for and more.  Thank you for your support in helping me get to this point.’

 ‘I have lost half a stone since starting the course.’

  ‘This time last year I was taking 33 pills a day!(mainly consisting of  painkillers) sleeping through most of the day due to chronic fatigue.  As symptoms I suffered are way to numerous to list and I won’t claim

all have disappeared but I am now on only 8 pills a day’

‘Since doing TRE I no longer turn to drink – for me this is the biggest impact’  

‘Six sessions and completely finished with alcohol.  The biggest thing for me was when my sister arrived with a box of wine – I told her to put it straight back in the car’ 

Stress and anxiety are debilitating enough without the effects of addictions draining more from us.  TRE UK™ delivers Courses and Workshops in the UK sharing a  the technique that releases deep held tensions from the body that cause illness and fuel addictions.  TRE is the body’s own natural source of healing and once learnt can bring about a real sense of well being made all the more satisfying as the need for addictions fall away too. 

The hardest thing of course is to recognise that we have the addiction, and then of course it’s about seeking help.  The great thing about TRE is that there is ‘no talking’ involved.  A life changing physical practice that breaks down our wall of wounding and helps us to become the person we are meant to be – happier and with a purpose.