Unpredictable stress was again in the news  last week, as we read of the demise for the BHS workers.  Learning the company they have worked for, in some cases many years, is coming to an abrupt or unpredictable end.  Even if one tries to stay positive, for many that would be a challenge.  Before too long one is fighting the impact of stress and therein lies the challenge.  The symptoms are often not noticed as being stress  Symptoms may  be a lack of concentration or mood changes.  Other symptoms include sleeplessness, over eating or drinking more.  Before too long one thing leads to another. The thoughts of an unpredictable future start to play over in the mind.  The anticipation of what might happen is a trigger, leading to deeper anxiety.  Anxiety leads to panic then depression, then more anxiety, more panic, more depression.  It is not difficult for the symptoms of stress and anxiety to take over.  Just to get out of bed in the morning becomes a problem.

Life is always going to throw challenges at us.  We may unpredictably find ourselves in stressful situations such as the BHS workers.  What is important is we are aware of stress symptoms.  Whether from stress or anxiety we take positive action before the hold becomes so great our life goes out of control.  When out of control one thing leads to another and before we know it we may well make irrational decisions that can have long and lasting consequences.

Releasing from unpredictable Stress

Instead of holding the symptoms of stress and anxiety in the body we can take up any number of activities that encourage positive thinking and mindfulness.  But instant release is not always possible.  The Total Release Experience allows our bodies to naturally let go of the symptoms rapidly bringing about a positive release making any challenge easier to deal with.