Such moving words by James Blunt that capture feelings after a break up of a relationship.    When so emotionally attached to somebody, it is hard to let go.   This was shared with me by  a close friend.

The words of the song “Did I disappoint you?  Should I be feeling guilty? Or let the Judges frown?”  may play through their mind.   Doubt and loss of self -esteem can be painful and it takes time to recover and some never do.   ‘I can’t sleep or thinks straight’, my friend shared.  ‘I have tried talking to my mum which changes none of the dreadful feelings I have inside and I am drinking way too much but I realise I am just bottling up and supressing my negative feelings.

Listening to her reminded me of my own past heartbreaks.  So one heartache after another we collect more and more pain over time, preventing us being ourselves as we carry the negative emotions into the next relationship.

Our body remembers the pain, stress and anxiety we hold.  Add that to all the other setbacks and traumas that life can throw at us and we start to notice our body’s reaction as it kicks back.  No wonder my friend is feeling so low.  Lack of sleep, feeling helpless, drinking too much as well as symptoms of IBS and emotional all the time, her body was holding blocked energy.

After explaining what was happening to my friend I taught her to activate her body’s natural ability to release this blocked energy and hence release the symptoms of her stress.

Just as she did we can bounce back from a heartache and let go of bad experiences not just in love relationships but any traumatic event.   Releasing negative energy will make you feel more attractive, loving and happier so that your future or current partner can experience you for who you really are without the baggage of the past.

TREUK™ teaches many like my friend the Total Release Experience process so it becomes a lifelong practice.  They are then able to manage their own healing from disappointment; frustration and pain moving onto become a greater lover, friend and partner in their relationships.