I was listening to Jeremy Vine the other day and sadly more discussion on the plight of soldiers as they return from duty.  The growing number of PTSD sufferers is too much for any organisation to cope with.  The statistics of rising numbers makes depressing reading.  When does it all stop?

I guess it never will, as life has to go on and there will always be a need for soldiers to do their duty.  There are many organisations – Combat Stress being the leading support group that work tirelessly and are overstretched.  However for many that ‘talking’ aspect of treatment does not always work.  That is because all trauma effects the physical body.  Our body has a memory – everything we go through is stored deep, so it makes sense that when looking to heal from trauma we have to include the body.

Discharging the tensions held deep in the body by invoking tremors is what our body is gifted to do and is a natural process.  Once learnt properly it not only heals past traumas but helps to prevent taking on the anxieties of future ones.  TRE UK offers Workshops and weekly sessions to support the learning of the technique.  Soldiers and others with PTSD in the UK have healed from their past traumas, slowly the word is spreading.  Being able to release deep chronic anxieties and tensions without the need to talk is indeed a relief to many.  Maybe it is time to try something we are programmed to do but have to rediscover.