Stress in the Workplace – Who Cares?

Some things never change.  Stress in the workplace is one of them.  Why do employers year after year continue to sit back and ignore the fact that stress is something to be addressed?  The consequence if it isn’t, costs money.  Absent employees also put additional pressure on colleagues.

According to the HSE around 80% of work related conditions were musculoskeletal disorders, stress, depression or anxiety.

Stress from work pressure if left unmanaged leads to health problems both physical and psychological.  Poor concentration, fatigue and mood changes are just a few of the symptoms that affect business as the employee cannot work efficiently and effectively.  Blood pressure can increase, headaches, panic attacks and IBS become the norm.  If an employee feels alone and has no vehicle through which to feel there is support, the cost to the organisation (however small) can be prohibitive.

In the short term stress is no bad thing, but as an on-going pressure then it becomes harmful to the extent it can lead to long-term unemployment as one seeks recovery.  As many as 1 in 5 take time out from work because of stress.  The worst of it is turning to cigarettes, alcohol or comfort eating as a stress-release solution just adds to the problem.

Recently a client came to me to learn TRE who manages his own Company.  He recognised his own need to keep his stress in check.  Within two weeks he told me he had reduced the dosage of his anti-depressants.  He is now paying for all his employees and their partners to learn TRE as a stress management tool.  The investment he is making to support all his employees is far less than the cost of one man being off with stress for a week.  The great thing about the Total Release Experience is that no one has to talk, they learn the technique under supervision and then have their own self-healing tool for life.  Results are obvious from the first session and symptoms held in the body start to dissipate.

Stress in the workplace – who cares?  Clearly some do and have realised TRE can be a very cost effective solution to a very expensive problem.