I recently lost a friend of mine – 41 years of age.  She went to the Doctors on Monday with pains in her abdomen, she was sent home with medication for IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). By Saturday morning she had died.  The circumstances are not the issue, but this lovely friend, mother, daughter, aunty, partner and colleague was suddenly taken.  An overwhelming event for her nearest and dearest.

 The outpouring of grief at her funeral was testimony to the loss everyone felt.  Many people who have been to TRE session this past couple of weeks are sharing similar stories of the sudden unexpected loss of a loved one.

The stress and anxiety that comes from such overwhelming events can if remain unchecked lead the nearest and dearest to serious health problems.  As stress levels rise changing blood pressure and hormone levels, there is a danger of stroke or heart attack occurring.  It is not unknown either that one can die of a broken heart.  I am sure that is what happened to my dear Mum who after my Dad died she lost half of what made up the whole.  She suffered a stroke and all went downhill from then on.

 The partner of my friend is heartbroken, but from that first week he has been coming to TRE to help him through his grief and prevent his body from building symptoms that come from such a devastating loss.  With TRE of course there is no need to talk the focus is to release the stress before it builds.

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