I sat down recently to with a nice cup of tea to read my local paper.  I was shocked and saddened from just reading the front page.  Two main stories, the first of a mother ‘fearing’ for her child’s life every day they cross the road which is notable a black spot for speeding cars.  No doubt living every day nurturing that fear and feeling stressed in the process.  The second and most disturbing was that of a young married man aged 22 who took his own life after suffering a rocky patch in his marriage as well as struggling to find work.  He had few friends and almost became reclusive.

Most likely the stress of not finding work put pressure on the relationship.  After drinking too much New Year he assaulted his wife and then attempted to take his own life.  He was then given a suspended jail sentence.  His worsening situation clearly became too much. 

 His story is not unique.  All the time we read of young people taking their own life, because living becomes too much.  The stress and anxiety builds for them to such a level that there seems no way out.  I have had people come to TRE who suffered deep stress, anxiety and suicidal thoughts.  After releasing with TRE they no longer have those thoughts, the stress and anxiety passes and life seems much brighter.

TRE allows us to release deep symptoms of stress and anxiety in a vary natural way; we can self-regulate and bring about balance and a better sense of well being.   It is sadly too late for the young man in my town, if only he knew there was another way.