This is a question I keep asking myself, particularly every time a PTSD sufferer would come to a TRE session.  PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) is something that individuals can develop following an incident that occurs out of the blue and totally overwhelms the mind and body.  It is life changing, and not for the better.

With heightened awareness I am starting to see and hear more and more reports on the effects of PTSD, the struggles to deal with it and the tragedy that follows when there seems to be no way out.  The plight of victims that have either been caught up in a situation as a witness or a victim leaving them traumatised and the suffering that follows can be devastating.

In my work with veterans and serving soldiers I am delighted when their symptoms clear using a ‘no talking’ natural body release technique. However the problem is not localised, PTSD is affecting thousands and this was drawn to my attention from a recent article I have read on Medical Negligence with reference to Military Veterans and PTSD.

With the MOD committing £7.4m to ensure mental health support for soldiers why did 21 serving and 29 veterans take their own lives last year?  How come numbers of soldiers suffering PTSD doubled in three years?  It would seem this is going to get a whole lot worse with the plans to double the size of the TA (Territorial Army) from 15k to 30k!  One cannot begin to imagine how bad things can get. 

I invite you to read the article and maybe you will be asking the same question!