Phew the headlines never stop – we read that ‘Stress adds years to your life’, ‘Stress levels soar in the US in the under 35 year olds’,  ‘Stress levels soar as overtime increases in a battle to beat the credit crunch’, ‘Stress DOES have an impact on cancer’.  It is something we constantly are reminded of as we turn the pages of our newspapers.


Every way we turn, be that on the home front, work, family, study, relationships, finances, housing the list goes on whether young or old stress is prevalent.  I have been taking TRE around the country and the symptoms of stress seem to dominate lives in a battle of survival.


Stress in the workplace we are informed is the top cause of workplace sickness.  Stress costs organisations thousands every year in absenteeism and low-productivity.  Hailed as ‘The Black Death of the 21st Century’ stress if unchecked leads to illness and potential early onset death through, stroke, heart attack or cancer.  Back problems are another symptom as the body starts to hold tensions with no evident form of release.


Many of those I see have tried all sorts to release their symptoms which include, negative or depressive feelings, loneliness or wanting to withdraw, loss of motivation.  Eating habits change and there is often an increase in drinking, smoking and drug taking as one battle to cope with their daily stressors.  Poor memory, concentration and sleep deprivation may also be what you notice.  Stress may well be part of life and inevitable, but you know there is another way to release symptoms of stress if you have tried everything else to no avail.


Learn to release the effect of stress symptoms from your body with the technique of TRE.  You can have a Total Release Experience and like others bring your body back in to balance and cope better with life’s challenges.  It becomes a self-help tool for your life.

Recently a client was amazed that after a traumatic event his back and hip were never the same.  Dr’s, MRI scans and therapists could find nothing so he lived with the problem.  After his first session of TRE he sat up and said all that pain had gone.  Many back issues are a result of held tension.  Take a look at testimonials on – there is another way, no talking, just releasing!