You can make the same mistakes in stress relief as many have done after taking up cycling after the UK Olympics.


Often when people hear of something new that benefits, heals, loses weight, eases pain and so on they want to jump in feet first and do it straight away.  I was listening to a radio programme the other day on that very thing; it was about cycling in fact.  Sales rocketed when our nation won races in the Olympics.   The most expensive equipment and kit are bought and the novice is off!  No Coaching, No Training!  It is little wonder why so many of us end up flogging the ‘Gear’ on E Bay or stack it in the Garage. Usually because of suffered injury through stressing our bodies and causing the wrong type of tension on our muscles and joints or just ‘don’t get it’!


Total Release Experience aka TRE aka Tension Release Exercises are highly effective and a simple way of getting rid of that bottled up Stress, Tension, Anxiety, Trauma & Post Traumatic Stress so that you enjoy each day and face life’s problems and challenges in a better state of mind.


However, like bicycle riding if you go at it without proper instruction and supervision you can only blame yourself when things wrong.


Listen to one of my clients that I managed to help in time who wanted to use TRE to solve her stress and Traumas without the right guidance.

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