Somethings are never easy!

Jun 10, 2013

If everything in life was easy I guess there would be no sense of excitement, thrill, achievement or  satisfaction that often comes with the result of effort.  From running that 5K to the marathon, from achieving our smallest goals to passing exams or giving birth.

Somethings we choose to do and others we just find that life has just thrown our way, such as dealing with relationship breakdown, financial problems, accidents or abuse.   At times nothing seems to make much sense  and we need to question why we seem to be being tested when we have to  to overcome unforseen obstacles, 

Whatever hoops we have to jump through to get where we need to be we often don’t notice the impact it all has on our emotions and physical state.  Stress kicks in and that knot in the abdomen starts to make itself known.  Sleep deprivation, headaches, flaring temper as we are put under pressure are just some of the things that happen to us that are not always obvious until someone else points it out.  

The more traumatic the event the more our emotional and physical body pays the price. Illness can develop and so it goes on.  Such cliches as ‘what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger’ or ‘nothing comes easy’, ‘every cloud has a silver lining’ or ‘all sent to try us’  are OK but unless we keep the symptoms of  stress  in check then the outcomes can be quite undesirable.  Worse still with trauma or PTSD.  There are ways to release and lots of support and help available for those that need it from breathing, meditation, a raft of alternative, complimentary and conventional therapies to tension release and trauma prevention exercise.  

Although some things in life are never easy whatever we go through good, bad or indifferent whether we have chosen it or not, it may not always feel like it but  we can pull through.   But unless we help ourselves or allow ourselves to be supported in the process when necessary, life will never be the same.   Somethings are  ever easy but there is always a way forward so that the price paid is not too high.