Feeling Blessed

Feb 23, 2013

It is over a year since I was in South Africa for training in TRE at Erinvale in Somerset West.  There were about 100 people there, trainers and trainees from all over the world: Canada, Australia, Japan, USA and many from South Africa.  I felt blessed to be there and proud that I was representing the UK. 

 I felt blessed that David Berceli was running the training.  David is a wonderful man, who is passionate about TRE and that in itself was enough for me to take on that passion from the first day of training.  I met some wonderful people and felt blessed that they shared their  stories with me on how TRE has changed their life’s.  I feel blessed that I have come through life without having come close to the levels of trauma that some of those I had spoken with had experienced. 

I  feel blessed that I am able to share TRE and help relieve others of their own life traumas, however big or small.