Shared Stories For Deborah

‘I have suffered from terrible headaches for the last 10 years or more. They seem to have stemmed from putting my back out, from lifting heavy things, lifting awkwardly and being stressed and tense in my body. I have had chiropractic treatments almost weekly at times and each headache made it really hard to function and would last 24 – 48 hours. I have now been practicing TRE for three months and my headaches have virtually disappeared and my pelvis has become mostly stable. I can lift awkwardly, carry heavy things and still not trigger what I was experiencing before.  I came to TRE UK to release emotional trauma; I hadn’t expected to have released this physical tension, which I had really thought I would just live with for the rest of my life. A week ago I was doing a week of travelling by train; I was lugging a very heavy case on and off the trains, up many flights of stairs and down again and my back remained completely strong. It is so good to be free from the disabling headaches and to be more free in how I move in my body. I plan to keep practising to keep on releasing the tension – and the thought of having my body and mind more relaxed as time goes on, is very exciting!’    ‘Kate Westcott, Bath

“My anxiety and stress levels are almost 0 compared to when I first started my TRE journey. I feel lighter almost like life isn’t grey as it was a few months ago and more powerful in myself. I honestly feel I’m on the final journey ‘back to my old self’ and I hope it continues.” P.G

 “At my first TRE session I had a very powerful and emotional release and I knew immediately that I had come to the right place; after years of being on anti-depressants, drinking too much and being constantly in pain or ill, my body was crying out for help.  As weird as TRE seemed at first, it immediately started getting to work and I knew it was releasing stuck material from my body.  It surprised me, I kept saying to Deborah “I’m not very good at letting go, I’m a control freak”, but then just found myself letting go anyway! I think the “no-talking” aspect is vital, as it just helped me get out of my head and into my body which just seemed to know what to do. Very quickly I felt that I was ready to halve my antidepressant dose which I did, and there were times went I didn’t feel the need for a drink at night (very unusual for me).

After the first 6 week course, I knew I had just let go of the tip of the iceberg, and because I found the group and individual sessions I had a very strongly held space to let go, I felt it was important to keep attending regularly. Deborah is brilliant at facilitating and supporting; She intuitively knows what to say or do at the right time, which helped me enormously in releasing deeply held stuff that I thought I had already dealt with.  Some sessions were very powerful, and afterwards I felt so good, like I’d shed a skin; other sessions were calmer and more relaxing; it always felt like the right amount of releasing at the right time.

4 months after starting TRE, I feel like my inner tiger is out of the cage now which is very exciting; I am definitely feeling my life moving forward.  A potentially charged weekend with my dad was just fine.  I am now off all anti-depressant medication.  With Deborah’s support and guidance, I have been able to start home TRE practice too; I can now do it whenever I need to.  I know I am on a bit of  a rollercoaster at times, but I was so ready for this as I’d just had enough of feeling ill and dead.  I can’t recommend TRE UK™ and Deborah’s facilitation highly enough – TRE is life changing and I love the sessions.”


‘I arrived to start Deborah’s TRE UK™ Course having spent a year off work in recovery from PTSD and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  After years of medical intervention which really probably aggravated my conditions, I chose to self-heal this time, yet after a year, I had become aware of a sizable blockage of emotion and pain I simply couldn’t shift with my toolbox of therapies, exercise and diet.  I was really desperate to move on and experience life in freedom. I have worked and lived in the mental health field for 20 years, so I am no newcomer to trauma or treatments.

TRE is astounding.  In the future, we will teach this to our children before we teach them the alphabet.  With TRE, I have worked through grief, anger, loss and trauma, unpeeling layer after layer, from the first powerful session. It is such a natural process. I am feeling clear enough to return to work, and I have chosen a new, more authentic career.  I knew there were some good plans waiting for me behind that stuck pain!

Here are some of my notes from my TRE Journal, taken after sessions with Deborah:

‘Immense release.  Other-worldly.  I was observing the griever, the healing one, the ‘hater’, the angry one, and watching her heal and release. Beautiful and intense and magical and profound.’

‘Beautiful, blissful, freeing…. Very grateful, very in awe of this process and tool.’

‘So glad to be able to witness thoughts arise (of troubling things) and have the TRE release them…in a flash. As the session finished, a thunder storm began to crash outside and I went out and stood in the warm rain feeling my old emotions all wash away.’

Deborah is an absolutely incredible TRE UK ™ Practitioner of this process.  I feel she was born to do this work, and her dedication to life’s truths makes her so wise, compassionate and strong. I have seen many, many therapists over the years, and Deborah is the first who I have felt can hold space for healing without getting unnerved or startled in the least.  She truly gets every level of complexity and opportunity, and is teaching me so much as I do the course with her.  Thank you, Deborah – I am truly grateful to have met you.

I hope that anyone reading about TRE and feeling inclined towards giving it a go, will just do it.  The more of us who walk this planet cleared of old emotions, the sooner we will have a truly loving world.’

 A T

‘I attended an all-day TRE UK™ Workshop in Bristol with Caroline where Deborah was also assisting.  They both made me feel very welcome and supported. I was nervous about being in a group but soon felt comfortable with other people in after an informative presentation on TRE.

I had recently made full recover after major surgery.  I was having problems with daily flashback and nightmares from the procedure.  I also noticed I was using shopping and sugary foods to fill a void which ultimately made me feel worse.  In the first session I was very worried about the flashbacks, however I had a completely heartwarming experience and my body felt physically warm and r

In my later sessions at home and with attending Deborah’s group sessions I did experience some unusual imagery of myself as a child and also butterflies and moths. (I think the gentle core vibration of TRE reminded me of the way a moth might vibrate with their wings).  After three weeks I was experiencing lots and lots of flashbacks and I cried a lot and I felt scared that I didn’t want to do it anymore but I carried on and now they really have gone away and I am feeling much stronger and happier. I also found my weakness for shopping/snacking was more under control. I could definitely sense I had gotten rid of the bad psychological stuff.

I found the Total Release Experience very easy to do at home with some calm music and candles, I would feel very warm and content directly after a session of tremoring.  I experienced tremors in my jaw and also the urge to take enormous breaths and hold them until I felt I could burst which was a miraculous experience for me as I have always suffered from a chronic lung condition.  I found it useful to do light research on TRE and the work of Professor Bessel Van Der Kolk on living with trauma.

Overall I feel lucky to have been given this knowledge of TRE, it is something I will continue to use the rest of my life.  It is very comforting to know I can do something to heal myself.’


“I was a complete sceptic as to what benefit TRE could offer me when a friend asked me to attend a course to support them. As an army veteran, I have experienced a great deal of physical and psychological trauma in addition to the usual stresses of life over many years.

However as with most of my colleagues, the events we experienced were never discussed, and so whilst the physical wounds healed, the emotional trauma was quashed and hidden. I attended a 6 week TRE course with Deborah, and she explained that undealt with trauma doesn’t just disappear, but holds itself in our bodies, which can cause tension, anger, pain, illness etc.
I dutifully attended the sessions to placate my friend, not really believing they would make a difference to me. However I was amazed to find that by the end of the course I had completely turned a corner in my life. I am less stressed, less tense, more relaxed, calmer and more balanced. Even after such a short period of time, the change has been profound and family and friends have picked up on how much happier and less up-tight I appear.

Deborah was right! TRE has enabled me to lose stress and tension that I have suppressed over a number of years. It is a gradual process, but I will continue to use TRE as a means of releasing the traumas of my life and getting back the real me.”

Ian, Veteran 

“I have always thought of myself as quite a ‘wound up’ edgy, kind of guy, and have struggled with stress, depression and feelings of irritability with those around me for as long as I can remember. This has caused me to drink too much and sometime take other substances as a coping mechanism. I have been amazed by TRE, during the first session I felt a release happening in my body and a real feeling of liberation.

As the 6 weeks of my TRE group continued, the tremors became more intense and moved through more and more of my body. Also in my life I started feeling like I was more relaxed and that I was coping better with pressures and stressful situations. By session 5 I was feeling super relaxed, and much less angry and noticeably more accepting of situations in my life.

One of the other huge improvements through doing TRE is in the IBS that I have had for as long as I can remember, so my digestive system is now completely better. My wife has noticed the difference in me too she says I’m more relaxed and am dealing with issues better. I feel that TRE is an incredible tool, and something that I can do at home for myself now. I am so grateful to have been given the opportunity to learn it, it’s life changing and I can’t recommend it and Deborah’s caring but expert facilitation highly enough”
Joe – Landlord.

“At first I felt scared and remembered dreams about something scary in my cupboard. Then I felt very angry for quite a while. Afterwards I felt a lot better and not sick. Then not long after (a week) we did more TRE and I had the angry feeling again and since then (3 months ago) I haven’t been feeling sick. I am glad that I can do TRE now to help myself feel well”

JB – Age 10

“My bowel function improved while I was doing TRE, and I had a very strong emotional clearing after one session. I really enjoyed the TRE sessions I had with you – mainly because of your holding of the space for me and your very solid, calm presence. Thank you for being with me.”


“My overall experience of TRE has been one of interest in the process and open minded to any outcomes. I am fascinated by the psychology and theory behind it, as it makes so much sense. Having spent the last ten years on a healing journey, I didn’t feel there was any big emotional stuff near the surface but I have recently suspected that I have adult ADHD as I tick all the boxes of symptoms. I have heard that for people who take medication for the condition describe that it’s almost instantly like a veil being lifted.

I feel that my veil is slowly being lifted by TRE as I am experiencing spontaneous and effortless improvements of some of the symptoms. I am very pleased about this as apart from taking the medication I couldn’t quite see how this issue might be healed.I was very confident in Deborah’s ability to facilitate my TRE as I know how much she has experienced and witnessed in the field of healing over the years. She will bring a great deal of empathy and understanding to TRE UK™ clients.“


“I have had an overall very positive experience of TRE with Deborah. Firstly, Deborah’s background knowledge about how TRE might benefit me and its relationship to trauma held in the body was both reassuring and clearly explained. I also really felt Deborah’s care and kindness when supporting me through the TRE process, particularly when my body was doing strange movements that had me alarmed at first. Deborah also pointed out how since my involvement with TRE there have been a number of significant changes in my subjective markers.

I believe that TRE is an opportunity to open doors for potential healing of trauma in your body and has given me the confidence to break old patterns and fears when faced with my usual body response to challenging triggers. I definitely now feel I have enough knowledge to continue this practice independently and feel grateful for having the opportunity for my body to let go of long held ideas, patterns and limitations. Thank you Deborah.”

SH Bristol

“I came to TRE with a mix of curiosity and trepidation; I was intrigued by the concept but the idea of trembling unsettled me and I felt nervous that something might go wrong, that I might trap a nerve or something worse. I think when more academic analysis of TRE’s physical impact on the body has been published, it will help to allay the fears of a new candidate like me, but in the absence of such research, you answered my questions with careful consideration which was very reassuring.

You are a natural teacher, and you have such a calming, caring and therapeutic aura, that being led through any process by you would be a lovely experience. Submitting to trembling, which I found slightly alarming, with you as my guide, was less scary than it might have been, and I gradually began to feel less vulnerable and more able to open up to its potential benefits. I didn’t feel quite brave enough to take it on myself without your instruction, but I might have done with more sessions.

I just found that relaxing into it, whilst simultaneously trying to take on board and remember information was too challenging for me at the time. My life did change significantly for the better while I was doing TRE; I was able to solve some health problems through fasting, felt a lot less stressed, and began a new relationship, so THANKS! It was a fascinating and enlightening experience and I’m very glad that I did it. “

Heidi – Charity Manager

“I am so very impressed with TRE. I feel it is the way forward for so many people suffering from trauma, although my personal experience made me realise that I have so much to deal with, and I put up “blocks” to protect myself. I felt “held” and understood during the process and I know I now have the tools to move forward at my own pace.

I was given good advice on self-help. I feel very positive about TRE and Deborah made me feel confident, at ease and understood. Thank you so much for your work, you will make a great TRE UK Practitioner™. It is so good.”

Heather Ann

“Would just like to say how much I have enjoyed my TRE sessions. You have such a calming ability to make people feel relaxed and safe at all times. I have noticed (alongside my dietary changes) that my IBS and stomach problems have not been so aggressive as usual. I have learnt many transferable skills which I will use to help me process things better.

You explained things very well which made me understand why and what I am doing and the reason for doing it. Thank you again and wish you all the best, I’m sure you will do a fantastic job as a TRE UK™ Practitioner and help hundreds of people in the future.”

James – Project Manager

“I have suffered from a chronic pain condition for many years as a result of surgery. I hadn’t found any solutions or respite from the pain, despite appointments with numerous specialists. As a single parent of two young children, a business owner and with a desperation to ‘get better’ I have delved into numerous conventional, holistic and alternative therapies which have given very little benefit. When you are as desperate as I was, despite the numerous disappointments, when you hear about something new, you feel compelled to give it a try.

The literature I received didn’t give much explanation as to how the process would heal you, but having attended a comprehensive group course, I now know that this is because every experience is different – not only between participants, but also in your own experience between sessions.

In all honesty, I really struggled with my first session. Moving around is difficult for me anyway, I’d had a difficult morning just trying to get to the session, and the ‘trigger exercises’ were too much for me with my physical pain condition. However, Deborah was incredibly intuitive and understanding and put an alternative, bespoke, plan in place for me, so I was able to benefit as the rest of the group had done.

By the second session, with my tailor made plan, designed around my capabilities, I found the session to be not only relaxing, but also very comforting. I was floating… as though my brain was in a theta state – similar to the feeling you get after a long and incredibly luxurious spa massage!

As the sessions progressed, I found I was more relaxed. I felt I wanted to become more in-tune with my body and started to practice home tremoring alongside mindfulness.

As time went on, I began to feel calmer, and less stressed emotionally. I also felt energy surges throughout my body. This has resulted in less muscle tension, which, in turn has lessened the pain.

I cannot recommend Deborah or TRE highly enough. It has already made a significant difference to my life, and more importantly, I now have a tool to ease pain, that I can use forever. The only downside is that my course has now come to an end, so not only will l miss Deborah’s valuable input and reassurance, I will also miss her incredibly soothing voice! Fortunately, I know that the professional and personal service she offers, means that she will always be available to contact if I need her.”