Caroline is the founder of TRE UK®.  A fully qualified TRE practitioner she  trained  with  Dr David Berceli in South Africa  where she met some wonderful people and heard some amazing stories of healing that encouraged her to qualify, promote and share TRE in the UK where it was then unheard of.  She completed further training in Amsterdam and then again with David in Germany. Caroline is a fully qualified, independent  Practitioner, who works with the integrity and honour of David’s work.

Caroline established TRE UK®   in 2011, in pursuit of her vision to share it in the UK and help many suffering to heal their lives.  When she came back to the UK there was no supportive or structured organisation in place or appropriate and relevant materials.  Believing in this natural healing work Caroline has worked tirelessly and responsibly to spread the work in a safe and supportive way for all clients.

Following a career in education and with over 20 years experience as a yoga teacher/trainer Caroline opened her own Yoga Centre in Kent and TRE is a powerful complement to the Centre of wellbeing.

As well as regular weekly TRE sessions at the Eclipse Yoga Centre  in Dover – a place where improving health and well-being for clients is the mission, Caroline runs TRE UK® Workshops around the UK so many more people suffering the effects from stress, tension, anxiety and trauma can benefit.

shutterstock_75608380Academic qualifications include;

  • B A (Hons)  Business and Education Studies
  • PGCE  Business and IT
  • MA (Ed)  – Education Management.

Caroline is also qualified in:

  • Reflexology
  • Reiki
  • Indian Head Massage (Trainer).
  • BWY Yoga  teacher/trainer

    Dr David Berceli and Caroline of TRE UK
    Dr David Berceli TRE Founder and Caroline from TRE UK
  • Coach for Change.

Caroline utilised her skills and experience to structure a training programme that embraces all the elements she feels are important for the safety and healing experience for TRE UK® clients.  The Course is Accredited by the Federation of Holistic Therapists and has academic as well as practical rigour.

Since teaching the Total Release Experience, Caroline has been blown away by the wonderful success stories of TRE UK® clients who have released themselves from their day to day stresses,  tension, and  deeper anxieties and traumas’.

‘I love my work and never cease to be amazed at how life changing this practice is. It is my experience that when learnt properly, with supervision and aftercare the most profound healing can take place.  Always amazed at what a miracle the human body is’ 

Caroline has the greatest respect for David’s work and honors that in her practice.

‘Thank you Caroline for your passion in sharing this vital theory and practice.  As a therapist working with trauma I wondered how the trainer would work with the complexity of trauma.  I was impressed with Caroline’s knowledge and the safe care she extended to us all’ Chris

‘Thank you Caroline for your enthusiasm, care and attention to detail and for giving such personal attention to each individual’.  Jackie

‘ I found Caroline to be very inspiring and knowledgeable as well as helpful. Greatful you bought this to the UK.’ Suri